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Mandala and The Butterfly

This self-improvement book helps you step into your dreams, creating a purposeful, hopeful, and rewarding life for you and the people you love. This book is for you if you are

  • searching for your dreams
  • willing to take risks
  • experiencing challenges
  • wanting hope
  • desiring a meaningful life
  • fearful
  • feeling lost
  • dealing with the unexpected
  • healing from within
  • confl icted with inner and outer beauty
  • meeting bullies head-on

We invite you to explore the insights presented. Consider the stories from contributors illustrating the core concepts you need to understand if you want to move forward and succeed in what we call the Dream Flight, which we will begin discussing in Chapter 1.

In addition to the stories, you will find questions to ask yourself as you peel away the layers of resistance keeping you in a place you wish to leave. You will find sections at the end of each chapter that summarize the lessons learned. In short, you have a handbook that will help you make the personal discoveries to give you the life you dream of.

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The Journal

Learn how to find your safe landing living in turbulent times!! Know it is yours and your only! Feel the freedom and satisfaction of how that shows up for you. Unveil your answers through guided journaling awakening what you already know. Mindful, thought provoking, and easy to do, The Journal invites you to move through the pages creating your journey into awareness and personal acknowledgement.

Mandala and the Butterfly Actions

You will experience how it is to be still, be discerning, be trusting, and be your dreams through the Mandala and the Butterfly, The Journal

Be Still
Our lives are filled with noise, static, and disruption. Being still calls us to the present moment of silence. It is in the silence we discover who we are being called to be.

Be Discerning
Our world is continually moving, shifting, and changing. We are challenged to separate facts from story, finding messages designed for our unique selves.

Be Trusting
We can find a way to trust who we are called to be by pushing through all internal and external resistance.

Be Your Dreams
When we step into a bigger story of how we see ourselves, our dreams become far-reaching and can flourish beyond imagination.

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