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Mandala and The Butterfly

All people have dreams waiting to be nurtured. Sometimes, they fear acknowledging them.

To find happiness in life, you must leave your comfort zone to seek the unknowns of your future. The key to taking the risks to realize your dreams is to summon hope for a better future.

Hope implies possibility. When we have hope, we open up, understanding what we desire is possible while not discounting the challenges we may face. When we have hope, it increases our chances of stepping into our dreams. It provides encouragement as we reach for our dreams. Hope requires us to believe in and trust in something we cannot see.

Dreams give our lives meaning. They heighten our ambitions, strengthen our identities, connect us to our values, and give us a sense of purpose and wonder. Having dreams inspires and fuels our passions.

In many ways, our lives are circular. In a spiritual sense, they are everlasting. Our physical bodies dies. Our soulfulness lives on in the universe. In Sanskrit, the word mandala means circle. The geometric symbol is embraced in both the Hindu and Buddhist religion. It represents the spiritual journey of the soul that every self-actualized individual must undertake to reach his or her full potential. We are connected with everything in the universe, and if we understand and accept that, we can better understand how we fit into eternal existence. The mandala underlies the central premise of this book insofar as it serves as a focus for meditation, prayer, and inspiration. The butterfly in the title represents the power of mindfulness, transformation, and the endless possibilities that lie just over the horizon in all our lives.

Together, the mandala and the butterfly symbolize the power of our dreams and the courage to take action to make them come true. This is what the book is all about, helping you step into your dreams creating a purposeful, hopeful, and rewarding life for you and the people you love.


The Journal

We invite you to celebrate your dreams with The Journal. Your inner knowing leads you to self-discovery on a new path. You are the world’s 2 percent who are moving toward the manifestation of your dreams. You will land in unknown places, becoming your dreams and the visions they have given you. Have fun, laugh often, and love yourself. We applaud and admire you.